IKEA – Make More of Your Garden

Advert: IKEA – Make More of Your Garden
Music: Tom Player (feat Heritage Voices & Budapest Film Orchestra) – Time For Change

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IKEA’s first ever outdoor TV ad for garden furniture and accessories urges viewers to say no to gnomes and make more of their gardens. The soundtrack is a real curiosity – an orchestral cover of Mötley Crüe’s Time for Change, arranged by Tom Player and performed by the Budapest Film Orchestra and the Heritage Singers. The orchestra leader is Oláh Vilmos, and the creative team behind the ad is Mother. The above video is the full two-minute-plus film, but there’s also a 60-second version. The soundtrack has been released as a single and is available to download from iTunes.

13 thoughts on “IKEA – Make More of Your Garden

  1. Julius

    I’d really like to get one of those gnomes with the grumpy face to put in the back window of my car. Ikea should really sell them, I’d definitely buy!

  2. LisaH

    Can’t believe I have just heard Time for Change – a Motley crue song – on an ikea advert played by an orchestra!!!!! Just had to google it to see if it really was that song and it is!!! I want to hear Home Sweet home on an ad for rightmove next!!!!! Long live 80s glam rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Steve B D

    Thank you Ikea, someone finally acknowledged just how nasty and sneaky gnomes can be. The advert highlights their evil revengeful personalities. The ad is epic with superb sound track.

  4. GothKnitty

    If people no longer want their gnomes, I have a rescue centre that will take them! I think this kind of prejudice is uncalled for in our times. A gnome is for life, not just for summer!

    • margaret nickell

      not that into gnomes but agree we don’t need this type of gnomeacide I feel its gone too far and not very conducive to our or Swedish culture after all where did gnomes come from
      usually like adverts but thumbs down to this one

  5. Tremendioustobi

    well the advert is only talking about an ochestral cover of a creative film to draw them close and that was why a hit single was available behind the ad the mother

  6. Myra Deakin

    As a usually happy shopper at Ikea I am shocked and appalled at your vilification of gnomes,these friendly little souls have graced our gardens for nearly a hundred years.what harm have they ever done you.
    Okay you are not a British company but have some respect for our traditions please.

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