Pepsi Max – Beyonce Mirrors

Advert: Pepsi Max – Beyoncé Mirrors
Music: Beyoncé – Grown Woman

Ahead of releasing her new album, Beyoncé is teasing fans with snippets of new songs on ads, like this one for Pepsi Max. (A previous track was featured on a recent O2 ad.) This track is called Grown Woman, and it’s thought to be Beyoncé’s next single.

2 thoughts on “Pepsi Max – Beyonce Mirrors

  1. Autumn

    Note to Beyonce: That is not dancing. That is convulsing, and it’s not pretty, especially when its’ done in triplicate.

  2. Thom

    It’s a stupid advert that just makes her look like she is faaaaaaaaaar to much in love with herself , I know she is in love with herself but it’s like watching a scene out of American psycho … Sponsored by pepsi

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