Tesco F&F Clothing – Summer 2013

Advert: Tesco F&F Clothing- Summer 2013
Music: AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It

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Are you looking for a more recent Tesco F&F Clothing TV advert?

The Summer 2013 TV ad for Tesco’s F&F (Florence & Fred) clothing range features some moody-looking models and a soundtrack from London duo Aluna George (Aluna Francis and George Reid). The track is called You Know You Like It, and it’s available to download from iTunes.

9 thoughts on “Tesco F&F Clothing – Summer 2013

  1. stevio

    It was a great tune …just seen it googled this ad site to find the tune and now i know. Would never buy from tesco …but would buy the tune!

  2. Freya

    I love this advert!! great song choice, turned my head to the TV and the add looks so expensive and the people are hot and the clothes look fab! great move for the Tesco marketing team, really suprising and will definately consider F&F when shopping in furture!

  3. Mrgrump

    Julie – what a pile of old tosh! I dont shop at tesco but their marketing team has succeded in its mission – it has people talking about its brand – hence people googling “song from tesco f+f advert” which in turn optimizes tescos search results in google. I only looked it up because i like the song.

  4. Julie Camblin

    This advert with the song you known you like it is being repetitive and highly annoying mainly because of the music setting not the visual advert.. It will be putting potential interested customers or investors off. It is a form of aggressive strategic advertising….that actually has adverse effects on me personally as a potential customer. Someone once said.. ‘Less is More’. The creative development team need to understand the physical and psychological effects music and sound has on people.. When people are sat at home they are not wanting or expecting to hear club style music every time the adverts start several times a day… Thanks Julie

    • Northern Monkey

      Wow – you spent all that time (infact probably longer than the advert itself) to compose that awful reply! Tesco have taken and up and coming artist, with a distinctive sound to overlay onto a new Summer clothing advert. The advert maybe targeted at those sorts who Ibiza, Hvar, Marbella, Miami, etc and would listen to this music all day long! Just because the target market is not you Julie, does not mean you need to respond in such a way!

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