Volkswagen Up! – Tall Girl

Advert: Volkswagen Up! – Tall Girl
Music: Catherine Ferris – Needle in a Haystack

Download the Fred Astaire original from iTunes

This clever VW ad follows a tall girl on a quest to find the perfect partner, with her height-equivalent match finally turning up in a surprisingly spacious Volkswagen Up! (The exclamation mark in Vokkwagen’s.) The ad, from the adam&eveDDB agency, was directed by Chris Palmer at Gorgeous Enterprises. The soundtrack is a specially recorded version of Needle in a Haystack, written by Herb Magidson and Con Conrad, and originally sung by Fred Astaire in the 1934 film The Gay Divorcee (and not to be confused with the 1964 Motown hit of the same name by the Velvelettes). You can download the Fred Astaire version from iTunes.

7 thoughts on “Volkswagen Up! – Tall Girl

  1. Mike Traynor

    its only an ad dont get so hung up on it I am a small bloke and I think its a great ad

  2. Chris Ferne

    Song was also recorded in 1934 by Ruth Etting – as well as an instrumental version by Leo Reisman and his band in the same year. I think this is the first recording of it since then!

  3. chris123

    I do find this very prejudice in all fairness
    height don’t take away the kindness many men can offer if respected for who they are
    people who are so ‘look’ obsessive when it comes to dating should really just get an act together and stop being so stubborn

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