Apple iPhone 5 – Photos Every Day

Advert: Apple iPhone 5 – Photos Every Day
Music: Rob Simonsen – Blue

According to this Apple iPhone 5 TV ad, more photos are taken every day with the iPhone than any other camera. The UK ad is branded with the Vodafone logo. In the US, it’s the Verizon network. The music was specially created for the ad by LA-based composer Rob Simonsen, who has also soundtracked a previous iPhone ad. As to whether the track will ever be made commercially available, Rob says via his Facebook page, “There are some things in the works, and I hope to announce more soon.”

5 thoughts on “Apple iPhone 5 – Photos Every Day

  1. Ree

    Would love to get the music for this! My husband and children both play piano and this commercial has us wanting to hear more.

  2. Kev

    This sounds so close to the riff at the end of a song by Scottish band The Winter Tradition called Nightscape. Don’t believe me? Do a wee YouTube search for it and give it a listen. I wonder is Rod a fan???

    • John

      Sorry Kev, had a listen (maybe your intention all along?) great song but if you listen carefully its not that much like it!

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