Samsung Smart TV – Charge

Advert: Samsung Smart TV – Charge
Music: Kill It Kid – Run

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This Samsung Smart TV ad is a mini blockbuster, featuring a stampede of Roman Centurions, cheerleaders, cowboys, wolves, GIs, Maori warriors, American footballers, beach buggies, police cars, helicopters – and a huge T-Rex – all charging towards a TV viewer. The ad, from creative agency CHI & Partners, was filmed on Bethells Beach in New Zealand and directed by Romain Gavras for the Somesuch&co production company. The soundtrack is provided by Kill It Kid, a bluesy rock band from Bath fronted by Chris Turpin and Stephanie Ward. The track is called Run, from the 2011 album Feet Fall Heavy, and it’s available to download from iTunes.

Run - Feet Fall Heavy (Deluxe Edition) [feat. Run]

11 thoughts on “Samsung Smart TV – Charge

  1. toni

    I don’t think this is copying beta band, the only similarity is there’s a beach and some people running. If thats all your basing your accusations on then I think beta band copied chariots of fire.

    • dr ropata

      Yep, not sure why they needed to do the voice over with another actor’s voice. Here in Australia they use his actual voice.

  2. Rick

    Beta band rip off. Wish I was ad man getting paid for trawling around other people’s creativity.

  3. Scorps

    Personally, I think it has more undertones of “Iron” by Woodkid and his directorial style.

  4. Neil F

    It’s a blatant rip-off of the video for Assessment, a single by The Beta Band. Utterly shameless.

    • Samurai23

      I just watched the video for that song and i get what you mean but i don’t think its a complete rip off but its a pretty awesome video

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