Volkswagen Golf GTI – My Way

Advert: Volkswagen Golf GTI – My Way
Music: Frank Sinatra – My Way

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VW’s new Golf GTI TV advert features a series of karaoke and internet singers butchering Frank Sinatra’s My Way, before allowing Old Blue Eyes to take over as we see the GTI drive up the Las Vegas strip and end up on the roof of the Treasure Island casino. “This film was shot with a professional stunt driver behind the wheel,” VW advises. “Please do not attempt to copy any of the scenes featured in the film.” Frank Sinatra’s My Way is available to download from iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Volkswagen Golf GTI – My Way

  1. Michelle Cook

    Oh my goodness! What an advert! It makes me feel so giddy I may implode but maybe that’s because I just ordered it in deep black pearl. 16 weeks before the baby arrives. Hurry up VW! p.s. check out that guy’s eyes rolling in the ad… Funnyyyyy! …. Love it. Love it. Love it.

  2. Tina Holmes

    This is a truely irritating advert. I hate it.. It would not encourage me to buy the car.. Get rid of it for heaven sake… Tina

  3. Caz

    Is one of the singers Joffrey from game of thrones. The boy in the blue suit on stage with other guys n girls?

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