Virgin Trains – Fly Virgin Trains

Advert: Virgin Trains – Fly Virgin Trains
Music: Dean Martin – Volare

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There’s a hint of Mad Men chic about this Virgin Trains TV ad, inviting passengers to sit back, relax and let their fantasies take flight next time they choose to “Fly Virgin Trains”. The song is Dean Martin’s take on Volare (which, fittingly, means “to fly”). For trivia fans, the opening shots of this ad were filmed at Glasgow Central Station, and the aerial shots were filmed by former kids’ TV presenter Mike Smith. Volare is available to download from iTunes.

6 thoughts on “Virgin Trains – Fly Virgin Trains

  1. Sean

    This advert is poor it says let your partner use the train in her own and she will be stalked!!!! can’t be leave it was aired

  2. mcravenus

    The bridge is in Runcorn although with a lot of editing. Love the Glasgow Central shot takes me back

  3. Graham.

    Dean Martin continues to reach out to us with his velvet smoooooth voice. He truely was one of a kind. A great all round entertainer who conquered film , television , radio, records and cabaret. He was even a pretty good golf player !!

  4. Ladieau

    this ad grates on my nerves, I find myself rushing to turn it off whenever i catch a hint of Dean Martin coming on my screen…I get that its meant to get us to follow our fantasties and get out and about but the guy fawning over the woman, then moving on after he sees she’s hapilly married just irritates me…

  5. elizabeth cullen

    Excellent advertisement. Current, with great choice of music. Love the Glasgow central shots.

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