O2 – Be More Dog

Advert: O2 – Be More Dog
Music: 1st Track: Erik Satie – Gymnopédie No.1 iTunes / Amazon
Music: 2nd Track: Queen – Flash iTunes / Amazon

Gordon’s Alive! The cat in this O2 TV ad has decided to ‘be more dog’ – running, chasing cars, sticks, grabbing frisbees and such. The main song is Flash by Queen, from the soundtrack of the 1980 movie Flash Gordon. You can download Flash from iTunes.
UPDATE: As noted by commenters including Humble77, the beautiful piano piece at the very beginning of the ad is Gymnopédie No.1, composed by French pianist Erik Satie. You can also download Gymnopédie No.1 from iTunes.

17 thoughts on “O2 – Be More Dog

  1. Jaz

    By the way, the link to Erik Satie on this page is to a hideous synth version of it.

    The best version on itunes, played at the correct tempo, is on the “classical piano chillout” compilation

    • Paul

      Thanks Jaz, on your advice have changed the iTunes link to the Classical Piano Chillout version.

  2. Jaz

    I knew it was Eric Satie, its a lovely piece. Does anyone know the piano music on the FOLLOW UP ‘be more dog’ advert? This time the cat is watching tv

  3. gary

    who does voice over for ad? i know sean bean does end o2 stuff , its the other voice (of cat) i would like to know

  4. steve88

    I want to know that as well. The second part is Queen but I think the first part is from a movie.

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