Barclaycard Freedom – Love Story

Advert: Barclaycard Freedom – Love Story
Music: Alexis Ffrench – A Wondrous Path

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There are two Barclaycard Freedom ‘Love Story’ TV ads. The first tells the story of Chris, and the undisputed highlight of his job – Jessica. The second revolves around the worst day of Simon’s life – the very first Tuesday that Emma hasn’t come around for her bread. Both ads feature the same soundtrack, a piano piece called A Wondrous Path by Alexis Ffrench, from his album The Secret Piano. It’s available to download from iTunes.

2 thoughts on “Barclaycard Freedom – Love Story

  1. Joyce Giblin

    Have a barclaycard in my wallet never!!! , if this advert on bread purchase is anything to go by. it’s just the proof we need to show how these greedy banks are out to destroy the small guy!!!!. Just have a barclay card in your wallet and support the out of control supermarkets!!!

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