Freeview – Tadpoles

Advert: Freeview – Tadpoles
Music: The Kinks – You Really Got Me

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Tadpoles perform a dance-off, to the amusement of a young boy who is peering into their pond, in this TV advert for Freeview, promising that entertainment is even better when it’s free. The song is You Really Got Me by the Kinks from 1964. You can download it from iTunes

4 thoughts on “Freeview – Tadpoles

  1. Milly

    What a pity some people don’t have a sense of humour, the ad is very clever and funny, particularly the expressions on the tadpoles faces, The previous comments about 60’s music is so true. Most of the current rubbish will fade into obscurity!.

  2. Lesley williams

    Get it off the air and don’t show it anymore, the song is fifty years old cant you come up with something a bit more up to date than that.

    • Richard

      50 year old music is far superior to the majority of boy bands that we have to endure these days.
      If the Kinks re released this music it would shoot straight to the top of the charts,modern groups are rubbish compared to any groups of that era!

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