Lidl – Christmas Magic

Advert: Lidl – Christmas Magic
Music: The Majority Says – Little Things

Download One Direction original from iTunes
Download One Direction original from Amazon

Supermarket Lidl provides “A Lidl Christmas Magic” courtesy of its Deluxe range in this TV ad, from the TBWA advertising agency. The soundtrack may be familiar, as it’s a cover version of the One Direction track Little Things, performed here by Swedish band The Majority Says, led by vocalist Hanna Antonsson. The cover version, which was arranged by music supervisors Platinum Rye, isn’t currently available but you can get the One Direction original from iTunes, or watch a live video of the Majority Says cover below.

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45 thoughts on “Lidl – Christmas Magic

  1. Steve

    Typical low cost supermarket version ‘cos they couldnt afford Ellie Goulding.. Ha.

    John Lewis.. Gabrielle Alpin
    Lidl.. This old toot.

    Happy Christmas 🙂

  2. Janwen

    Aaaaaagh – that voice is so drippy, sickly and irritating. Like nails down a blackboard. I have to switch stations the instant I hear it. Ghastly.

    • Joh cole

      Xmas number 1?? Are you deaf? With respect? Dirgy wannabe Ellie Goulding winsome ONE DIRECTION COVER! Oh please! Repeated forced aural saccharine!

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