McDonald’s – Spicy Chicken McBites

Advert: McDonald’s – Spicy Chicken McBites
Music: Ivan – Real Wild Child

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This McDonald’s TV ad invites viewers to take a walk on the adventurous side with new Spicy Chicken McBites. The soundtrack is the 1958 rockabilly hit Real Wild Child by Ivan, AKA Jerry Ivan Allison of The Crickets. The song had originally been co-written and recorded by Australian rocker Johnny O’Keefe under the title Wild One. It has subsequently been covered many times, most notably in 1986 as Real Wild Child (Wild One) by Iggy Pop. Ivan’s version, as featured in the McDonald’s ad, is available to download from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “McDonald’s – Spicy Chicken McBites

  1. Jerry Naylor

    Great Work McDonalds!!! Congratulations JI (Ivan)! Very well done, and super media ride; Jerry Ivan Allison (Crickets’ singer / drummer) with Buddy Holly on Guitar. Doesn’t get better than that!!!
    Jerry Naylor

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