Volkswagen – A Volkswagen For All Of Us

Advert: Volkswagen – There’s A Volkswagen For All Of Us
Music: Barry Louis Polisar – Me And You

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There’s a Volkswagen for all of us, this TV ad tells us, and also a Volkswagen for all of our dogs. A diverse group of four-legged friends appear in a range of VW vehicles, and it’s all soundtracked by popular US children’s songwriter and storyteller Barry Louis Polisar and his song Me and You, from the excellently-named 1975 album I Eat Kids (And Other Songs For Rebellious Children). Polisar was last heard here at TV Ad Music back in 2008 when his song All I Want Is You was used in a National Lottery ad. Both of his TV ad songs were used in the 2007 movie Juno. You can download Me and You (and Polisar’s other songs) from iTunes.

7 thoughts on “Volkswagen – A Volkswagen For All Of Us

  1. EJ

    The little dog in the opening part of the advert looks as if he’s been abandoned – running after the heartless owners.

  2. Peter

    I hate the advert for its appalling American [lack of] grammar. Please, people, give up saying “Me and you” when you should be saying “You and I”.

  3. Clare

    My dog Tilly is just like the first terrier, only not so symmetrical in her markings. My favourite ad. Love my Polo too

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