Google Nexus 7 – Far From Home

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Music: Slade – Everyday

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A Dad working away at sea connects with his family via Google’s Nexus 7 in this Christmas-themed TV ad from Google. The soundtrack is from a band we’re well used to hearing at Christmas – glam rockers Slade. The song is their 1974 number 3 hit Everyday, and it’s been re-released as a single to coincide with its use in this ad. You can download it from iTunes. UPDATE: There is now a second ad, which you can watch below, featuring a young man trying to hitch-hike his way to the airport so he can get home for Christmas, and a third ad, featuring a family overcoming the problem of an uncooked turkey at Christmas.

17 thoughts on “Google Nexus 7 – Far From Home

  1. John Connor

    Has anyone seen the one where a hitchhiker is trying to get a lift back home but no one stops for him then he uses his google nexus to let his mum know he won’t be home for Christmas . All of a sudden a truck stops but does not speak English so hitchhiker uses tablet once more to translate and gets a lift to the airport .

    I seen it as a YouTube ad this morning but can’t find it anywhere. If someone could provide links I would be most great full .

  2. Christopher Rogers

    How legit is it to get an HD feed to a Google Hangout in the middle of the Ocean? I’d say based on the experience of my sister-in-law and her husband, that the reality is the ship needs to be near shore, and even then the quality of a telephone call can be pretty awful with low quality and long delays.

  3. Stuart Mounsey

    As a former chief engineer I can totally relate to this ad. I even bought this single when it first came out!
    Well done Google for showing that there are other people away from home all the time

  4. karen71

    As a wife of a chief engineer, and the mother of an 8 and 10 year old, I think this captures perfectly the sentiment carried by many, at this time of year. So much gets said about the services, but we don’t often hear about the other sea goers who also spend many months away from family.

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