Kettle Chips – Craft Party

Advert: Kettle Chips – Craft Party
Music: Count von Count – Hands

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This TV ad for Kettle Chips (some say crisps), the brand’s first for three years, was created by the 101 agency and features a group of crafty types preparing for a party. The ad raids the children’s TV archive for its soundtrack, with a song from Sesame Street. It’s called Hands, and is unmistakably sung by vampiric puppet Count von Count (voiced by Jerry Nelson). You can download the song from iTunes.

11 thoughts on “Kettle Chips – Craft Party

  1. Jet Black

    Yes, I thought it was Gogol too. Anyone thinking of going to a gig of theirs should definitely follow through. Bloody amazing!!! I saw them at Manc Academy on Sat night. Still reeling from it.

  2. Ricardo

    Not Gogol Bordello? I would have put a testicle on it….. I love Gogol, last saw them at Download festival this year, check them out….. Everyone wear purple!

    • Hazel Quinn

      The late Jerry Nelson (the singer) was a Muppet genius and also recorded his own music. He was also Kermit’s nephew Robin and had a hit song with ‘Halfway down the Stairs’, was also Dr Teeth’s guitarist Floyd and sang many great songs as that character. In character a performer has to sing not with one’s own voice. He was also a great guy. Hope you’re embarrassed at your ignorance – DO let us know how many billions of people you have entertained over decades…

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