Coca-Cola – Christmas 2013 Believe

Advert: Coca-Cola – Christmas 2013 Believe
Music: Can’t Help Falling In Love (Elvis Presley cover)

Download Elvis original from iTunes
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The popular “holidays are coming” trucks TV ad makes way for a new Coca-Cola ad this Christmas, this time featuring a festive message from Santa – “I believe in you”. The soundtrack is a specially recorded cover version of Elvis Presley’s Can’t Help Falling In Love, originally a hit for the King in 1961. Coca-Cola say this cover is performed by Guadalupe Varela, Florencia Ciarlo, Carolina Goldstein, Damian Oliver and Sofia Ottoviano. The cover isn’t available to download, but you can get the Elvis original from iTunes.

7 thoughts on “Coca-Cola – Christmas 2013 Believe

  1. Martin Harris

    The version of this song is great, when will it be available to download. It would go to number 1 easily.

  2. coaline hull

    so original wish i could see or live in that dream for a day wishful thinking december 21,2013. need the jeep because i do not have a car so if there is a santa sent me a car to 651 e. 151st pl#409, phoenix, il. 60426

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