Cadbury Dairy Milk – Office

Advert: Cadbury Dairy Milk – Office
Music: Baccara – Yes Sir, I Can Boogie

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Cadbury moves away from Joyville but still spreads the joy with this TV ad featuring logistics manager Keith boogiing to on-hold music in this office, ending with the obligatory hashtag #FreeTheJoy. The ad was created by Fallon London, and features Yes Sir, I Can Boogie, a 1977 disco hit by Spanish duo Baccara. The song was last heard here at TV Ad Music on a 2012 British Airways ad. If you’d like to boogie like Keith, you can download the track from iTunes. The video above is the extended 90-second version.

47 thoughts on “Cadbury Dairy Milk – Office

  1. Stephen

    i know the guy in the ad is called James Brendan Gibson. J B for short. we attended the same school in Belfast. can you confirm this?

  2. Grainne Smylie

    I think the actors real name is Brendan and he used to be a nurse. Does anyone know for sure? Grainne

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