Citroën – Grand C4 Picasso 2014

Advert: Citroën – Grand C4 Picasso 2014
Music: Alexandre Brovelli & Virginie Krupa – With Love and Fear

The new Grand Citroën C4 Picasso gets a TV ad that looks to be inspired by the movie Gravity, with floating astronauts highlighting that it has “space” for seven, and promoting the fact that it has been named Top Gear magazine’s family car of the year. The song, from which we hear the intriguing snippet of lyrics “In the secret of the water, There’s a paradise”, is a music library track. It’s called With Love and Fear, by composer Alexandre Brovelli and singer Virginie Krupa. It appears on the GUM Collections library compilation Dream Pop Vol 2. GUM Collections is the production music label of Green United Music, via the Paris-based Cézame Music Agency. Music library tracks such as this aren’t usually made available as consumer downloads via iTunes/Amazon and the like, but are instead sold to industry professionals for commercial use. However, you can listen to the whole song (track 6 on the Dream Pop Vol 2 compilation) and get more information via the Cézame Music Agency website.

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    Thanks for this post and accurate info Paul. We would like to highlight that registration on the Cezame Music Agency Website is though restricted to sole audiovisual professionals.

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