Guinness – Sapeurs

Advert: Guinness – Sapeurs
Music: The Heavy – What Makes A Good Man?

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This new Guinness TV ad is a mini documentary about the Sapeurs, a group of dapper chaps from Brazzaville in the Republic of Congo for whom stylish dressing is a way of life. The soundtrack is provided by funk/soul rockers The Heavy, who come from Bath. The band have featured regularly on TV Ad Music in recent months. Their music has recently been heard in Jaguar, Strongbow and David Beckham Classic ads, and What Makes A Good Man? has already been used in a Borderlands 2 video game ad. You can download What Makes A Good Man? from iTunes.

3 thoughts on “Guinness – Sapeurs

  1. Patricia

    They are just superb men, in abject poverty, brutalised in the work they do, yet they have a certain unique style and stature among their own people..Guinness loves to harness the unique to their commodity because it is unique as well. I had a friend, dead now 3 yrs who used to say..’to be poor was unfortunate, but to look poor was unforgivable..’ I think the shapers capture that mantra brilliantly

  2. Linda

    We ate this ad too long too. Had no clue what it was about when we first saw it. Terrible, do not get the connection.

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