NatWest – Cashback Plus

Advert: NatWest – Cashback Plus
Music: Malvina Reynolds – Love is Something (The Magic Penny)

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NatWest promote their cashback plus offer with their TV ad, featuring various hashtag-friendly #littlethankyous. The song used in the ad is Love is Something (The Magic Penny) by US folk singer Malvina Reynolds. You may remember that a cover version of her song Little Boxes was used in a series of recent O2 TV ads. Love is Something (The Magic Penny) was released in 1966 on the album Malvina Reynolds Sings The Truth, which is now unfortunately out of print and pretty much unavailable, unless you have more than a hundred quid to spend at Amazon Marketplace. The 1966 version of Love Is Something is unavailable, too. There is a later, longer version, simply called Magic Penny, that was included on the Ear To The Ground compilation, and you can download it from iTunes. For the original version of Love is Something (The Magic Penny), this YouTube video will have to suffice: