Cadbury – Passport Control

Advert: Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz & Lu – Passport Control
Music: Plaza – (Got My) Dancing Shoes

Get track on the Horse Meat Disco compilation from Amazon

Cadbury’s latest TV ad, promoting the Dairy Milk Ritz and Lu bars, follows on from the hugely-popular Office ad with another exuberant dance extravaganza, this time featuring Graham, a Passport Control Officer. The soundtrack is a fairly obscure 1979 disco single called (Got My) Dancing Shoes by Plaza. It’s so obscure that it’s not available to download from iTunes in the UK. However, you can find it on the excellent 2009 compilation CD Horse Meat Disco. (It’s track 10 on disc 1.) The compilation is available from Amazon. If you’d prefer a download, it’s available from DJ music store Beatport.

2 thoughts on “Cadbury – Passport Control

  1. Nova

    ,,,,Great Ad,, with great music,, but who is the dancer and is he a former member of the cast of River Dance? And I also love the purple shoes!! đŸ˜‰

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