MINI – Chain Reaction

Advert: MINI – Chain Reaction
Music: David Morris – Post Horn Galop

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This TV ad for the new MINI Hatch (‘the new original’) features a clever domino-effect chain reaction, starring hundreds of different models and colours of MINI cars. The very catchy song used in the ad is Post Horn Galop by renowned whistler David Morris. David was recently heard whistling on a TSB advert. Post Horn Galop was originally written for brass instrument the post horn by German composer Hermann Koenig in 1844. The galop is a polka-style dance that was popular in the Victorian era. David Morris’s whistling version of Post Horn Galop is from his album Whistling Down The Wind, and you can download it from iTunes.

One thought on “MINI – Chain Reaction

  1. Wendy Atkinson

    Our daughter would love one of these for her 21st birthday which is on Saturday 15th March coincidently the same release date as the above MINI

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