Avis – Unlock The World

Advert: Avis – Unlock The World
Music: David Tomlinson – Let’s Go Fly A Kite (from Mary Poppins)

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This black and white TV ad for Avis shows a man unlocking his hire car – and many other cars at locations around the world. It ends with the company’s motto, “we try harder”. The song used in the ad is from the soundtrack of the ever-popular Mary Poppins, and was recently featured in a Sainsbury’s TV ad. It’s Let’s Go Fly a Kite, sung by David Tomlinson, along with Dick Van Dyke and The Londoners chorus. You can download Let’s Go Fly a Kite from iTunes.

One thought on “Avis – Unlock The World

  1. Tim Barthorpe

    The musical editing on the soundtrack of this Avis advertisement is embarrassingly dreadful! After the first line of the music it steers straight into a musical pothole as the song is cut away to a later line in the song. The effect is so crass that had I had been an Avis advertising executive, I would have asked for my money back! One final point. The clumsy editing totally undermines the product being sold. Seeds of doubt sown in the minds of the listener. Does a crassly edited advert showcase a crassly run car hire company? I leave others to ponder this question.

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