Southern Comfort – Young Gun

Advert: Southern Comfort – Young Gun
Music: The Phantom – Love Me

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The young gun in this Southern Comfort ad is a soda fountain-toting bartender, dispensing long distance lemonade while jigging to some early rock’n’roll. Whatever’s comfortable, indeed. The track is a raw and frantic bit of rockabilly that was recorded in 1958 by The Phantom, aka Jerry Lott. It’s called Love Me, and was released as 45 on the Dot label in 1960. Sadly, Lott’s recording career was cut short by a terrible car accident in 1961 that left him with severe injuries. He died in 1983 aged just 45. He has been somewhat forgotten – a Phantom compilation album issued in 1989 was wrongly credited on the cover to “The Phantom aka Nick Todd” rather than Jerry Lott. This tune remains a lost classic. You can download Love Me by The Phantom from iTunes.


2 thoughts on “Southern Comfort – Young Gun

  1. Lee P

    Any psychobilly out there worth their their salts will be well familiar with this song. Appeared in the eighties on a compilation album…” Rockabilly Psychosis and the Garage Disease” and Ged is spot on….Cramps version is well worth a check

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