Toyota Auris Hybrid – Feel!

Advert: Toyota Auris Hybrid – Feel!
Music: America – A Horse With No Name

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Shot in Mumbai, this Toyota TV ad invited viewers to imagine how it would feel to drive the Auris Hybrid on a slightly better road. The song the driver is singing along to is A Horse With No Name by America, the UK-based US rock band. A Horse With No Name was a number three hit in the UK in 1972. It’s available to download from iTunes.


11 thoughts on “Toyota Auris Hybrid – Feel!

  1. Steve C

    The song is indeed Horse With No Name, by America, and the Mumbai section sounds like the original America recording, however the section at the end over the deserted roads is definitely a re-recording or remix of the song. The drum kit is much more prominent and modern sounding, and there’s a rock electric guitar in there. Anyone know who the re-recorded version is by, or is it a remix of the America version?

  2. JS

    #In the last part of the advert, that is definitely not the original version of horse with no name. Love to get hold of it. Good hard rock vibes in it.

  3. Thomas Sales

    Perhaps two versions of the song are used but the final third of the advert uses a rockier version of the song – who is that by?

    • Paul

      Hi Thomas, I’m pretty sure it’s the original version by America all the way through. I think the sound changes as we’re no longer in the car with the driver by outside.

      • Thomas Sales

        I don’t think it’s because we’re no longer in the car, I can hear electric guitar licks. They definitely weren’t there before.

        • Paul

          Perhaps they have been overlayed, but I’m listening to the original version and the version in the video above and they sound identical to me. Also Shazam recognises the final third bit as America, and its ears are more accurate then mine!

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