Lynx – Soulmates

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Music: Order of Era – One

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The Lynx upgraded range has an upgraded TV ad that eschews fallen angels and the like for a cinematic mini-epic following two soulmates on a time-travelling journey through the ages. The message is ‘don’t rely on fate’. The ad was created by BBH London. Note that Lynx is called Axe outside of the UK, and this ad also runs in other countries. The soundtrack is a cover of the Harry Nilsson classic One (Is The Loneliest Number) from 1968. The song has previously been covered by acts including Three Dog Night and Aimee Mann, but the version in this ad was specially recorded by Order of Era, which is a collaboration between a couple of other bands, Civil Civic and Hunting. The track was supervised by The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music and produced at Leland Music. You can download One by Order of Era from iTunes.


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