Renault Captur – The Great Escape

Advert: Renault Captur – The Great Escape
Music: La Femme – Sur La Planche 2013

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A fish makes a Finding Nemo-style escape as it follows its owners to the beach on this TV ad for the Renault Captur, directed by Xavier Mairesse. The soundtrack is Sur La Planche (On The Surfboard) by French electro-rockers La Femme. This is the 2013 version of the song, from the album Psycho Tropical Berlin. You can download Sur La Planche 2013 from iTunes.


One thought on “Renault Captur – The Great Escape

  1. angie

    Why do you have a fresh water fish going into the sea? Thought it was going to live it’s life not kill itself.

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