Dulux – Cocktail Paint Mixing

Advert: Dulux – Cocktail Paint Mixing
Music: Andrew Kingslow & Sara Dowling – Brush Me Up!

Part of the Dulux ‘change your story with colour’ campaign, this TV ad, from BBH London, promotes the Dulux Paint Mixing service with a romantic tale set in a fictional world of prohibition, where colour rather than alcohol is banned. The jazz song featured in the ad (opening with the lyrics ‘Goodbye Mr Grey, You’ve coloured your last day’) is called Brush Me Up!, and was composed and recorded for the ad by Andrew Kingslow and Sara Dowling for the KPM Musichouse production music library. The track was placed by BBH music department The Most Radicalist Black Sheep Music, and sound design in the ad is by Raja Sehgal of Grand Central Sound Studios. The track isn’t available to download.

2 thoughts on “Dulux – Cocktail Paint Mixing

  1. Ray

    Love that tune, it has style, tempo and a catch old tune. You ought to release it, it gets my musical tones going from first note – well done you two.

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