MoneySuperMarket – Epic Elephunk

Advert: MoneySuperMarket – Epic Elephunk
Music: Cameo – Word Up!

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This latest big budget MoneySuperMarket TV ad features Graeme, who’s feeling so stupendously epic after saving money that he’s driving a huge elephant through the streets of New York, meeting a super cool baby, who tells him, ‘Graeme, you’re so MoneySuperMarket.’ The ‘epic elephunk’ track is Word Up! by codpiece-wearing funksters Cameo. It was a number 3 hit in the UK in 1986, and was more recently covered by Little Mix. You can download Word Up! by Cameo from iTunes.


10 thoughts on “MoneySuperMarket – Epic Elephunk

  1. Sirena

    Why is his name pronounced as “gram”? The name ‘Graeme’ has two syllables, pronounced “gray-am”. NOT GRAM!!!!!!

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