McDonald’s – The Bubbles Is In Heaven Chat

Advert: McDonald’s – The Bubbles Is In Heaven Chat
Music: Eric Carmen – All By Myself

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One of a series of McDonald’s TV ads celebrating the fast food chain’s 40 years in the UK, this one shows a Happy Meal being used to help facilitate a difficult conversation involving an empty goldfish bowl. The US power ballad featured in the ad is All By Myself by Eric Carmen from 1975. It’s available to download from iTunes.

One thought on “McDonald’s – The Bubbles Is In Heaven Chat

  1. Matthew Williams

    I’m not surprised bubbles is in heaven if he was in an unfiltered bowl. I know they were commonly kept in bowls in the past, but that was pre Animal Welfare Act 2006, which recognised fish as an animal under its protection, and before advancements in knowledge about the bacteria responsible for preventing fish death. A goldfish should be able to live 10-15 years and should be kept in 50+ litres (preferably double that) as fish do NOT grow to the size of their tank, no matter what you’ve been told or think you have seen, it’s the amount of water, and water needs changing to prevent a build up of toxins. If you want an unheated tank where the fish stay small, try a small shoal of minnows, but tropical fish are just as easy to maintain and there are many more to choose from. Goldfish are probably the most ‘used and abused’ species covered by the animal welfare act. I implore that you consider this before attempting to win one from at the fair if there is one coming shortly in your area.

    Signed Matthew Williams BSc Hons (Aquaculture and Fisheries Management).

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