Vosene Kids – Happy Hair

Advert: Vosene – Happy Hair
Music: Hacking & Jones – Dancing in the Street

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This TV ad for Vosene Kids shampoos, timed to coincide with the back-to-school nit season, invites parents to send their kids to school with happy hair. The song is Dancing in the Street by Hacking & Jones. It’s available to download from iTunes.


5 thoughts on “Vosene Kids – Happy Hair

  1. Philip Dalton

    This ad reminds me of another Vosene commercial that I seem to recall from when I was little child. It said the shampoo was ‘good for mums’ and showed a boy in the bath having his hair washed. I thought I might be the only person living in Britain who had any recollection at all of it, but someone on another website said they remembered it too, and said it was run for years.

  2. Philip Dalton

    There’s an older Vosene ad from the 80’s on here at 2:55. Does anyone remember the tune used in it?

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