SMA Toddler Milk – Naughtiness Shows

Advert: SMA Toddler Milk – Naughtiness Shows You’re Doing Great
Music: Elizabeth & The Catapult – Perfectly Perfect

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This ad for SMA Toddler Milk tells us that naughtiness is a sign that your toddler is developing well, and you’re doing great, based on 90 years of experience. The track is Elizabeth & The Catapult’s Perfectly Perfect, from the album Taller Children. It’s available to download from iTunes.

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One thought on “SMA Toddler Milk – Naughtiness Shows

  1. Russell Logan

    Was going to say on your first advert you left us single dads out but well done on your follow up advert
    Now I’m a grandad I’m still on my own looking after grankids you should involve all ages as it never stops

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