Apple – The Song

Advert: Apple – The Song
Music: Rhiannon Giddens & Dana Williams – Our Love Is Here To Stay

Download An American in Paris version from iTunes
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A young singer finds she finds a vinyl record made by her grandmother in the 1950s, and uses Apple’s GarageBand software to turn it into a duet as a Christmas present. The song is performed in the ad by Rhiannon Giddens and Dana Williams, as the grandmother in her younger days and the granddaughter, respectively. The song itself is Our Love Is Here To Stay, written by by George and Ira Gershwin, and most famously featured in the 1951 MGM musical An American in Paris, where it was performed as a duet by Gene Kelly as Jerry and Leslie Caron as Lise.
The Apple ad version isn’t currently available to download, but you can download the An American in Paris version from iTunes.

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  1. Susan Young

    My Fiance and I are going to get married this June. This song has touched us . The mix and the sound are so beautifully sentimental. Is there a chance that this version as represented on the commercial will be available before our wedding date.

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