McVitie’s – Victoria Christmas Choir

Advert: McVitie’s – Victoria Christmas Choir
Music: Yazoo – Only You (re-record)

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This Christmas 2014 McVities “sweeet” TV ad for the Victoria biscuit selection features a choir of cute furry animals (plus a tiny narwhal) singing a festive version of Only You by Yazoo, with audio postproduction done at Wave Studios. You may remember that a version of Only You also appeared last Christmas in a popular TK Maxx TV ad. The Yazoo original, written by Vince Clarke and sung by Alison Moyet, was first released in 1982. It’s available to download from iTunes.

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2 thoughts on “McVitie’s – Victoria Christmas Choir

  1. G Hughes

    Think this is a RIDICULOUS advert. What have little animals have anything at all to do with victoria biscuits. A badly thought advert!!!

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