Aldi – Take The Aldi Challenge

Advert: Aldi – Take The Aldi Challenge
Music: Teenage Fanclub – Kickabout (re-record)

Aldi invite shopper to take the ‘Aldi Challenge’ this January in this TV ad, but it’s the choice of music we’re more interested in. The soundtrack is a re-record of the Teenage Fanclub song Kickabout, but Aldi don’t seem to have requested permission from Glasgow’s finest guitar pop band. In a post on the Teenage Fanclub Facebook page, the band say: “Last Monday, the Aldi supermarket chain launched their new TV advertising campaign in the UK featuring a version of our 1996 track Kickabout. Of course, being Aldi, they’ve used their own brand version and not the original product. We would like to make it crystal clear that this version is NOT our version and we have not granted any permission whatsoever for our work to be used in this way.” Kickabout was originally written and recorded for a 1996 compilation called The Beautiful Game, a tie-in with the Euro 96 football competition, and it also subsequently appeared as the b-side of the wonderful 1997 single Ain’t That Enough. To slightly complicate matters, Kickabout features a vocal sample from the American Spring song Everybody, which was written and originally recorded by Tommy Roe. The Aldi re-record seems to use the American Spring sample with a new backing track that is similar to Teenage Fanclub’s. So Tommy Roe and American Spring (and Beach Boy Brian Wilson, who produced the American Spring track) could all be due a hamper of Aldi’s own-brand products, at the very least. As for Teenage Fanclub, the band do state on their Facebook page, “We’re not complaining, we’re explaining.” They also post Kickabout by way of comparison. Listen below and make up your own mind. And if you want to get hold of Kickabout, you can get it on CD from Amazon (used versions are available from just 1p) via the following links.

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Get Kickabout on The Beautiful Game CD

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    whats the current aldi tv advert my husband thinks it as lyrics dont push it but its very catchy anyone help

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