Cesar – Night Shift

Advert: Cesar – Night Shift
Music: Stephanie McCallum – Je Te Veux (Erik Satie)

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A security guard has fun on the night shift with his West Highland white terrier in this charming TV ad for Cesar dog food. The soundtrack is Je Te Veux (I Want You) from French composer Erik Satie, performed here by Australian concert pianist Stephanie McCallum. It’s available to download from iTunes

8 thoughts on “Cesar – Night Shift

  1. keeshond8

    When this was shown during a programme break my cat looked up and I took my eyes off the keyboard.
    Not a piano keyboard, I’m afraid; I’ll leave that to the musician who was playing this delightful French tune (apparently a well known “jolie melodie”), memorable music being the trademark success of Cesar ads.

    • Jake

      Gary thank you very much it was eating me up inside. Please accept metaphorical brownie points from me which, while they are make believe and therefore utterly useless, hopefully will lead you to have a smile on your face. In short much gratitude I bestow on you kind, handsome and clever Sir!

  2. Jake

    Does anybody know the name of the actor who is the security guard?

    I recognise him but can’t think for the life of me who he is.

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