Ford Mondeo – Night Flight

Advert: Ford Mondeo – Night Flight
Music: SLDGHMR – Open The Gates (Original Mix)

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Fast and the Furious director Rob Cohen made this action-fuelled TV ad, featuring an emergency landing carried out with the aid of the dynamic LED headlights on the all-new Ford Mondeo. The ear-catching soundtrack is a glitchy synth electro number by vowel-hating Miami duo SLDGHMR (Corey Siegel and Antonio Torres). The track is called Open The Gates, and it’s from SLDGHMR’s 2012 Defenders of Disco EP. It’s not currently available on iTunes, but is available to download from Amazon.

2 thoughts on “Ford Mondeo – Night Flight

  1. Geoff Hetherington

    Is not the background rhythm in the middle part of this similar to that in the recent Google advert?

    • Geoff Hetherington

      You know, the Google Play ad, featuring “Rainbow Man” by Busy P: The same underlying rhythm, but without Google’s “beeps”!

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