Facebook – The Friends

Advert: Facebook – The Friends
Music: Umbrella (Rihanna) – Piano Version (Our Friends)
Music: Close To Me (The Cure) – Piano Version (Friend Request)
Music: Like A Prayer (Madonna) – Piano Version (Girl Friends)
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Are you looking for a more recent Facebook TV ad?

Facebook launches its first UK TV ad campaign, created by in-house team The Factory, and based around the concept of friendships and how we collect them. There are three ads in the “The Friends” campaign, and all feature a simple piano version of a popular song. “Our Friends” (above) features Rihanna’s Umbrella, “Friend Request” (below) has Close To Me by The Cure, and “Girl Friends” (below) features Madonna’s Like A Prayer. The piano versions were all created specially for the ads. UPDATE: A 3-track EP, Music From the Facebook TV Adverts, credited to the Blue Notes / L’Orchestra Cinematique, is now available to download on iTunes.