ITV – DCI Banks Series 4

Advert: ITV – DCI Banks Series 4
Music: Chløë Black – 27 Club

Pre-order the 27 Club single from iTunes

ITV promotes the new series of crime drama DCI Banks, starring Stephen Tompkinson, Andrea Lowe and Caroline Catz, which starts on 4 March. Once again, ITV have come up with an intriguing trailer soundtrack, and one that has generated a lot of requests. The track is 27 Club by Chløë Black, an Australian-born singer, who was raised in Paris and LA, and is now based in London. Chløë describes her style as “goth’n’soul”, and it’s sure to appeal to fans of artists such as Lana Del Rey and Banks. 27 Club, with its lyric about tragic stars such as Kurt Cobain, Jimi Henrix and Janis Joplin who all died at 27 years of age, is her debut single. It’s not available to download yet – watch this space for further details. In the meantime you can listen to the full track below. UPDATE: 27 Club is released as a single on 26 April, and you can now pre-order from iTunes.

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