Microsoft Lumia Cortana – Clean Bandit

Advert: Microsoft Lumia Cortana – Clean Bandit
Music: Clean Bandit – Rather Be (feat. Jess Glynne)

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Cortana gets to know Clean Bandit in this Brit Awards tie-in TV ad for the Microsoft personal assistant, available on the Lumia 830 and other Lumia Windows phones. The ad is soundtracked by Clean Bandit’s number one hit Rather Be featuring Jess Glynne. It’s featured on the band’s album New Eyes, and is available to download from iTunes.


5 thoughts on “Microsoft Lumia Cortana – Clean Bandit

  1. Tony

    Well F**K my old brown boots…is that what some ‘UP THERE OWN SHUFFTERS’ American PR co.s.. think that UK music is all about (even pretend music)…It’s just unbelievably cringe-worthy and embarrassing. Look at the fact’s..try using the real Fekkin’ people and not some upper classed, clip accented failure of a human being ( I forgive the actor if he was on a good screw)…NO I DON’T. I know that the best (Blues) population gave us all the best popular music roots that we now have emulated, augmented, plagiarised and more importantly embraced with total ease and pleasure.I also have enjoyed, and taken part in trying to stretch it to it’s limits with Punk and Metal. But no UK citizen should be subjected to that ludicrous, hurtful facade.

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