NatWest – Putting Fairness First

Advert: NatWest – Putting Fairness First
Music: Mikis Theodorakis – Zorba’s Dance (Zorba the Greek)

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NatWest uses this TV ad to offer to Put Fairness First, which really would be a first given the recent record of Britain’s banks. The music featured in the ad will be familiar to anyone who has ever visited a Greek taverna on holiday (or to anyone who saw the recent Google Chromecast TV ad). It’s Zorba’s Dance (or simply Zorbas), which was composed by Mikis Theodorakis for the 1964 movie Zorba The Greek. It’s available to download from iTunes.


3 thoughts on “NatWest – Putting Fairness First

  1. Monst

    another advertising agency being run by people on LSD. Whats this go to do with banking, why not just show us loads of bankers splashing about their enormous bonuses.

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