Aldi – Favourite Things Easter

Advert: Aldi – Favourite Things Easter
Music: Jade Williams – My Favourite Things

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Aldi launches a £2.5m Easter TV ad campaign, focussing on its premium Specially Selected range. The soundtrack features a cover version of My Favourite Things from the Sound of Music. The singer is Jade Williams, who also records under the names Whinnie Williams and Sunday Girl, and has featured on several popular TV ad music songs. Jade’s version is not currently available, but you can get the Julie Andrews version from the Sound of Music from iTunes.

31 thoughts on “Aldi – Favourite Things Easter

  1. silverbirch

    Reworked lyrics for Christmas but she is still singing flat ! – Has no one ever told her? Little girly and driving me mad – do we have another 6 weeks of this at every break ? Won’t make me shop at Aldi

  2. Colfair

    Very affected singing style in the current ‘little girl’ style ,
    just too too lispy ( my favorwit. Things) , not a nice sound, and, no, I couldn’t do it any better, doesn’t stop me disliking it.

  3. Mark

    Pleased it’s NOT Allen, as I can’t stand her.
    But to me, it sounds OK on the advert, not sure if it’s ‘flat’.

    • Gab

      I agree …awful nasal voice ..sings like she can”t quite be bothered to open her mouth. Very affected manner.

  4. bubb

    I thought it was lily Allen and also why ask on here about what a particular branch is going to stock? Best go on the actual Aldi website and contact customer services or their Facebook page

  5. Bruce A Smith

    Why can you not answer my question:: will Soya Milk, unsweetened, with calcium and vitamins, be available again at the London Rd, Brighton store? I’ve asked this four times!

  6. Julie Bentley

    A very good tune from the Sound Of Music well done!

    Reminds me of the t.v. programme on Austrian television dedicated to The
    Sound Of Music entirelly.

    Well done again.

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