Coca-Cola – Kiss Happiness

Advert: Coca-Cola – Kiss Happiness
Music: Gedina – First Time, First Love (Robin Beck cover)

Are you looking for a more recent Coca-Cola TV ad?

Download First Time by Gedina on iTunes

Coca-Cola celebrates 100 years of the famous Coke bottle design with this TV ad focussing on the moments drinkers “kiss” the bottle. The soundtrack is a custom re-record of the Coca-Cola song First Time, created by the Music Dealers agency and sung by Californian singer Gedina. First Time was originally recorded for a Coke TV ad back in 1987 by Robin Beck. The new version by Gedina, titled First Time, First Love, is due to be released as a download – watch this space for details. UPDATE: Gedina’s version of First Time is now available to download on iTunes.


4 thoughts on “Coca-Cola – Kiss Happiness

  1. Juan

    Can anyone pls help me find the name of a song. It comes up on a Coca-Cola Life commercial. A girl says a few words ad then says woah oh o oh woah. Ill would really appreciate it thanks in advance

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