Ford Ecosport – Keyless Entry

Advert: Ford Ecosport – Keyless Entry
Music: The Chordettes – Lollipop

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A gentleman in Speedos unlocks his car, but where does he keep his key? That’s the question raised in this Ford Ecosport TV ad, promoting its keyless entry and power button. The song is Lollipop by the Chordettes, a female barbershop quartet from Wisconsin who also had a hit with the popular Mr Sandman. Lollipop was a UK top ten hit in 1958. It’s available to download from iTunes.


12 thoughts on “Ford Ecosport – Keyless Entry

    • Lottie

      I think he looks like Wes Bentley in the face, but I thought he was slimmer than that? Not sure, I was wondering as well

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