Microsoft Lumia – Cortana Joins Band

Advert: Microsoft Lumia – Cortana Joins The Band
Music: Clean Bandit – Stronger

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Appearing in TV ads is not longer taboo for music artists, and the exposure can provided a more-than-healthy career boost, but this cringeworthy ad featuring Clean Bandit for the Microsoft Lumia 830 – and the resultant ridicule it has attracted – shows that it can still backfire. Clean Bandit have benefited from priceless exposure in recent M&S ads, but it’s difficult to imagine a supposedly hip up-and-coming band looking any less cool that they do while sharing vacuous banter with Microsoft’s Cortana personal assistant. At least they get their new song played on the telly. It’s called Stronger, is released on 5 April 2015, and is available to download from iTunes.

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