HTC One M9 – One Life

Advert: HTC One M9 – One Life
Music: Jupiter Snakes – Fast Cars (feat. Sophia Khoury)

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“Let Them Stare” is the message provided by this TV ad for the HTC One M9 mobile phone. The track featured in the ad is Fast Cars by Jupiter Snakes, featuring Sophia Khoury. A kind-of EDM response to the Buzzcocks’ punk track of the same name (which stated “I hate fast cars”, rather than “I love…”) it was specially composed for the ad by Jupiter Snakes, AKA producers Joel Edwards and Glen Nichols, via music production company One More Music. You may notice that the phone screen in the ad shows the track title “Fast Cars & Fishing”, which seems to have been the original title of the track. Fast Cars has been released as a single to tie in with the ad, and is available to download from iTunes.


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