Samsung Galaxy S6 – Wireless Charging

Advert: Samsung Galaxy S6 – Wireless Charging
Music: Charles Hamilton – New York Raining (feat Rita Ora)

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Rita Ora stars in this TV ad for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and its wireless charging facility. Rita is seen laying down her guest vocals for the track New York Raining by Charles Hamilton, the New York rapper and producer. New York Raining has been released as a single and is available to download on iTunes.


9 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S6 – Wireless Charging

  1. David Culmer

    Stop showing this annoying commercial. Get rid of her. She clear can’t sing or hold a note. All processed electronically to make her sound anywhere near half decent!

  2. thedamianb

    @A music lover… I sort of agreed with you – it IS a horrifying, depressing advert. But then you mention… Kasabian? I take it you’re an indie fan then. There’s more bands around than ever. Just… not indie ones. Thank god.

  3. A music lover

    Oh, so thats who she is. Singing with that cliched vocal warble (that every X Factor female uses zzzzz). And the whole “i’m ready” bit like she is about to really do some hard work. Do us a favour love, shut up, you are nothing special. Go get a proper grafting job. That bloody advert really bugs me. No proper musicians these days except for Kasabian (who actually play instruments not karaoke). Rita Ora? Rubbish.

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