Tesco F&F – SS15 Collection

Advert: Tesco F&F – SS15 Collection
Music: Huxley – I Want You

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This TV ad for Tesco’s F&F clothing brand (formerly Florence & Fred) places this season’s “boho” trends against projected desert backdrops. F&F’s recent run of innovative TV ad music choices continue with I Want You by UK DJ and producer Huxley. You can download I Want You on iTunes.


3 thoughts on “Tesco F&F – SS15 Collection

  1. Sharon Luty

    Just seen your advert and I really can’t believe you are using a skinny stick insect model to show off your new clothing range. Why not use a real model with real curves let’s say a size 12 14 16 to show potential customers what your clothing range really looks like on real people

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