Lloyds Bank – 250 Year Anniversary

Advert: Lloyds Bank – 250 Year Anniversary
Music: Birdy – Wings (Acoustic)

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Lloyds Bank, founded in Birmingham in 1765, celebrates its 250-year anniversary with this new “Horse Story” TV ad featuring the iconic black horse. The ad aims to show how the bank has been by customers’ sides “through good times and bad” (the bad presumably including the recent taxpayer-funded bailout). The ubiquitous-sounding soundtrack is an acoustic version of Wings by Birdy, a song from her 2013 album Fire Within. Real name Jasmine Lucilla Elizabeth Jennifer van den Bogaerde, Birdy is from Lymington in Hampshire. Her music previously featured in a very popular trailer for the ITV drama Broadchurch. The acoustic version of Wings has now been released as a single, and you can download it from Amazon or iTunes.


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93 thoughts on “Lloyds Bank – 250 Year Anniversary

  1. Pete

    Re Lloyds Advert – the full version of this beautiful song is sung by Birdy Title “Wings” and is one her album “Fire Within” and is 4 minutes 12 long. Available on Spotify.

  2. David jenner

    Good advert except the World War One section reminding a lot of people how many horses were killed in this.

  3. Debb

    I love this advert! I don’t care what it is promoting – it’s a mini entertainment piece and still moves me every time it is shown. This rivals the anticipated John Lewis Xmas adverts! Well done to all involved – a beautiful masterpiece!


        I too adore this advert. I’m not ashamed to say it moves me close to tears every time I see it. Because it’s not only about the horse (although that in itself is very appealing) it’s the creative thinking behind it that I love. The analogy of horses being loyal and faithful to human beings, which of course they are. Not too sure that Banks are though, however the inference is very clever and well thought out, and of course I love the song. I agree this advert for all it’s 60 – 90 seconds, is nothing short of a masterpiece.

  4. bbbbbbbob

    her ‘snatching or choking’ the lyrics at the end of each sentence drives me slightly mad…

  5. kate downes

    I am a horse enthusiast and I can guarantee they are more faithful and honest than any bank

  6. sherby

    this is the first advert that make me cry….in a positive way….its amazing, so beautiful

  7. Rikki

    I don’t care about bale outs. This advert is fantastic and the Production Company that produced it should be esteemed for it.

  8. Neil

    What a beautiful story about a time travelling horse……. Hang on!!!! Didn’t we ‘the tax payer’ have to bail you out to the tune of £20 Billion (40% ownership) about 7 years ago? Charlatans

    • Neil

      NB: They have also disabled the comments section on the ‘youtube’ version on their account. I wonder why??? Hhhmm?

    • Richard Pleasants

      well it was a combination the hyper inflated housing market it did get the economy moving, which attracted investment. That investment, had to reinvest in (your point) was it’s own mistake to save, what they had left. It’s like repairing an old car it’s a false economy but the new engine commits you. Most of the money lost in the Housing market was the lack of flexibility in lone repayment to home owners ( cost of homelessness vs mortgage subsidy) and the greed of the receivers and their Back payment pals lot’s of corruption in the industry which is covered up in our Judicial system, so the need to save the bank might have been to disguise the corruption. Not isolated and impossible to prove as it goes to the top.

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